Design for JL Studio, 2017.



My design process always begins with a sketch. Sketching allows for rapid iteration and quick testing of design studies before settling on a direction, without dwelling for too long on any one option.

I knew from the start that the logo would involve the symmetry, or possibly asymmetry, of the letters J and L.

With that starting point, I tested multiple ways of arranging those letters and adding other letters from my name - my middle initial C and the second letter in my surname, U. I tried serif, sans serif, rectilinear, and curvilinear letters in vertical, horizontal, and gridded formats.

I eventually came to the realization that both symmetry and the addition of letters reduced the already powerful tension that existed between J and L. I knew I had to explore an asymmetrical condition between the two letters.

Once that realization hit me, the rest of the pieces fell easily into place.


Color Studies


Final Design and Guidelines


Typography Guidelines


Business Card

Square business card, 59mm x 59mm printed on Moo.com "Luxe" quality paper.


Using Format